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First Time Facilitator

Feb 8, 2021

Do you rely on your colleagues to provides input and decisions to move a project forward? Do you find that you're constantly chasing people to get things done, and finding it hard to build relationships because you can't catch up with people in person?

Then, this episode is for you.

When we used to do things face to face, and I had to chase a colleague for information, I'd head out for a coffee.

It was semi-strategic. I’d sit at the coffee shop outside of my company’s office. It was a fantastic way of saying hi to people when they were in a good mood (with caffeine, outside, day hadn’t really started), you could easily sneak in a quick question about your project, get an answer, and feel like you’d already won the day.

In a virtual world though, it’s hard to orchestrate these conversations… Or, is it?

In this episode, I share the tactics I’ve used to build relationships and influence people I’ve never met before.

You’ll find this helpful if you’re:

  • Having to get people’s time/attention and you’re struggling because they don’t respond to your emails / you don’t have direct authority (you’re influencing / in a dotted line relationship)
  • Partnering with an organisation to achieve goals, and you need to work with leaders/subject matter experts, but they’re too busy to give you the input you need to move forward.