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First Time Facilitator

Jan 3, 2021

What’s the role of a facilitator? I think we’re there to stimulate CHANGE.

So what better time to talk about making changes than at the start of a new year?

As world leading body language Mark Bowden (also previous guest of 2 x First Time Facilitator episodes) says, “As facilitators, we are the leading signal in the room. People look to us to decide how they should act, think, and feel.”

I think then, that if we want our participants to change, we need to be great at making positive changes in our own lives, too.

In this episode, I’m looking in the mirror and sharing tools and ideas on how we can create change for ourselves. I’ve latched onto a phrase called: Constructive Delusion. I think we can use this as a force for good, to propel our ambitions, think big, and inspire our participants to do the same.

I reflect on my 2020kms running challenge (which I completed on 30 Dec, yass) as fuel for this episode, and also share plans on my 2021 writing challenge. I love harnessing the power of groups for my own habit change!